How to Boost Wifi Signal strength on Apple MacBook

Users facing issues with low Wi-Fi signal strength may benefit a lot from this article which describes about various ways to boost Wi-Fi signal strength discussed by a professional team of Apple Technical Support department.

Ways to boost Wi-Fi signal strength

If someone is seriously facing low WiFi signal strength, these WiFi booster tips will surely help them get the most out of their wireless. Having a low Wifi signal strength in home or even in business is excruciating. This happens because of the router or access point which is in the same room. If users have a sprawling location, running wires, it is also one of the causes. But there are various ways to increase the range of the wireless network, as well as improve signaling strength. If it were possible to see the signal bouncing around, a wide number of people could easily detect issues with their network. So users should rely on simple trial and various error to find the perfect location for the router as well as access points.

WiFi Booster for Low WiFi Signal Strength

The first solution to the low WiFi signal strength booster is its replacement as suggested by Apple Tech Support team. Place the router in the center of the home which should be in an area away from cordless phone stations as well as microwave ovens. Few of the wall construction, such as concrete or metal, may too cause signal loss. Be sure that the router is approximately centered and is away from any of these above mentioned things that can easily degrade the signal. Few people may think that their router surely needs to be at the right place beside a computer, but this isn’t true. It can surely go anywhere in the house. If it needs to be connected to a broadband modem, the modem will then need to go with it.

Purchase a high gain antenna

If the router has a detachable antenna, one should be able to append a high gain antenna. These types of antennas have more directions than the standard antenna which will allow users to focus on the WiFi signal towards an access point or towards the computer.

Changing of the wireless frequency in the router device

If someone don’t want’s to get the results which they are actually expecting then by moving the router, they can easily try changing various frequencies that a router is using to broadcast the signal. One only needs to perform this in the router itself, as the wireless devices should further recognize the new signal in an automatic mode. All the router models have unique menus, but yes there is surely a need to login to the user’s router via a web browser and look for all the available wireless settings. Experiment and then watch out if changing the frequency helps or not.

Purchasing a new 802.11n router device

Another best option is that of the newer wireless standards known as 802.11n. It uses Multiple-Input Multiple-Output channels and has approximately double the range of a wireless-g router. One such example is that of a Wireless N router which a user can buy to boost the range of the WiFi signal.

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