In May of 2007, A.C. Milan kicked me out of the fantasy-land I had been living in throughout that whole season, as Man United ran out of breath all too soon in the second-leg. The Rossoneris triumphed 3-0.

Ever since that very month, ten years ago, their epic downfall has suddenly begun.

It’s mid July in Brooklyn, and each morning I rise to read in the news that Milan bagged half of the world last nighttime out. Money talks.

Leo Bonucci is arguably the best Italian libero since Gaetano Schirea, albeit the Liberos have been out of fashion for almost two decades.

Or maybe they already are among us.

In trending 3-4-2-1, aka 5–2-3 formation, if your mid-central defender is someone like Chelsea’s David Luiz -- a stopper, relentlessly feeding the midfield with accurate passes, than you have a player, bluntly embodying the Libero role, vanished in the dawn of this century.

Imagine if Montella follows the trend and lines up a 3-4-2-1, with Bonucci in the heart of the defense, stepping forward to imitate the long-forgotten roaming defender.

And do they really need Lucas Biglia as a Regista?

Well, you may argue that Bonucci is a far better Regista than the Argentinian himself, who, a priori, is a natural deep-lying playmaker.

Besides, Il Aeroplanino may transform Biglia into a Metodista -- a classical defensive midfielder who refrains from unnecessary risks, yet possessing some fair share of flair. Like Mark van Bommel, for instance.

With a central midfield duo ahead of him, Bonucci will get his well-deserved license to roam.

It is now all up to Montella, who perhaps experiences a minor cognitive dissonance regarding his employers' vicious behaviour in the market, as though life truly is a computer simulation à la FM17.

But let us leave this topic for cyberpunk people out there.

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