As if we ever loved eachother.

We never loved eachother, we thought we knew what love was but nobody does.

Month 1 was perfect it was the best month of my life.

Month 5 I discovered you lied to me since day one about everything and I had to relearn you.

Month 10 we were arguing non stop and now just trying to get prom and the festival over with.

Month 15 we were done. As if “we” never existed.

We never really loved eachother we were just so used to the pain of being hurt by eachother that it became addictive. Our relationship was built off lying, cheating, sex, breakups, and so called “love”. It never would have lasted even if I could go back and fix things, we still would not have lasted much longer. You would’ve soon became able to see how horrible I was to you and how badly I treated you. I covered it up by spoiling you on your birthday and Christmas and to only see I would get nothing in return. All the clothes on your body were bought by me. U were blinded by the thought of finding the perfect one and that someone understood you and cared for you in ways people closer to you didn’t. It wasn’t meant to be.

I only wish I could go back and undo how we had met And how you had took me in the car to tell me your life story and that you loved me. I wish I could undo all the times we had sleepovers for almost weeks straight and binge watching American horror story.

I wish I could undo “us”.

To the couple who everyone thought would never last, and met everybody’s expectations.