Remembering WebSummit

Last November’s WebSummit was home to a number of conferences, and there were some panels I did enjoy. Not all of them are up on the Web Summit’s official YouTube channel, like the panel held by B. Bonin Bough. Nevertheless, here’s compiled what I definitely enjoyed. Hope you will, too. If you attended to Web Summit: What were your highlights?

Designing at scale | Anne Pascual from IDEO

Designing the next industry transformation | Harry West from frog

Design and the future of work | Carl Bass from Autodesk

Peak minimalism | Oliver Reichenstein from iA Inc.

Afraid to fail because of other people’s opinions? | Gary Vaynerchuk, VaynerMedia

Majority World Report | Saul Klein

A new era of mobility: Autonomous driving in 2021 | Elmar Frickenstein, BMW

Designing safety and security for billions | Alex Stamos, Facebook

Ten years from now… | Mike Schroepfer, Facebook

Lisbon’s creative ecosystem by Invest Lisboa & Web Summit

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