After losing four assembly elections, should the SP, BSP, & AAP plan to reconstruct their parties? What changes would Indian politics face?

The major reason for the SP defeat was not about any kind of construction problem, but the thing was the campaign started late. Akhilesh is young and clean image person. He threw many senior leaders, even by going against his father. Many people said that this is all drama and they will unite after the election. After the election, nothing such happen. Even the rumor rise that the BSP and the SP may unite nothing such also happen.

BSP doesn’t have the single leader with the single point of agenda. That is also for the one community. Even in the name community development BSP only developed the parks in Noida and Lucknow.

AAP after the defeat of local election. They threw their cabinet minister Kapil by putting the allegation that he wasn’t working well for the people. On the very next day, this minister put allegation against Arvind that he saw Arvind taking a bribe of two crores. When the AAP denied it then, he sat on hunger strike. So their makeover is hacked by this allegation.

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