Akhilesh Yadav has recently given a statement on the Indian Army. Is the statement correct?

In no aspect is the statement correct.

While politicians see the country on the basis of boundaries, the army does not. By saying that there are no martyrs from Gujarat, he is actually belittling their struggle and sacrifices they have ever made for the country.

The is no Gujarati or UP army, but rather Indian Army.

You never know if there actually had been a martyr from Gujarat but never covered on news channel so you haven’t heard about him. How would his family feel at this statement?

However tough Indian army may seem, they too have emotions and mind you, don’t ever dare mess with their emotions. How would the army have felt on listening to this statement, knowing that all of their sacrifices will one day be used for politics?

He did it just to make Modi look bad and have a good political career! He used the name of Indian army just for the sake of it!

For such politicians, I would just love to say that please keep your dirty hands away from the most respected and prestigious people of the country, the army men.

They are not to be used for your dirty politics!

And as far as your question is concerned, the statement is wrong. Completely!

The fact is that these martyrs were not covered by the news channel as it does not guarantee TRP. And also, there is not Gujarat, UP or Bihar, when it comes to army, there is only INDIA.

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