Today We Launch the Injustice Boycott in Standing Rock, San Francisco, and New York City
Shaun King

Count me out. I have watched activists whose goals I am broadly sympathetic with all the way back to the Viet-nam war protests. I have concluded activism is mostly arrogant, ignorant, emotion based and counterproductive. It is a rare movement that has a Ghandi or a Martin Luther King with the wisdom to steer it away from unproductive excess. In my estimation the war protests of the 60’s and 70’s extended the Viet-nam war by distracting folks from really considering the wisdom of the war. The arrogant and foolish Chicago Democratic convention demonstrations paved the way for the election of Richard Nixon. More recently, the Black lives matter protests block freeways and trains and get in the face of the very people they need on their side to actually accomplish political change. Activism more often politically activates the conservative folk who treasure the status quo and vote, hence we now have Donald Trump. You demonize the people you disagree with, deal in glittering generalities and do not understand what makes democracy work. Democracy is about voting and based on voter participation records I have dug into, particularly in local elections, around the country I have to suspect many people out in the streets demonstrating are too busy, or two disdainful of the system, to bother to vote.

You are a distraction from addressing the real issues that strengthens the forces you oppose.

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