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I agree knowledge and wisdom are two different things, but they are intricately related. People from 100 years ago, or 2000 years ago were working with the same hardware (brain) we have today. But the software has evolved spectacularly.

Our emotional hardware was the same 2000 years ago as it is today, so wise folks 2000 years ago who had experienced and observed life could recognize and understand human emotion driven behavior just as well as we do today. So they were wise in that way. Perhaps that is what you mean by literary intelligence?

But intelligence is a slippery concept. I draw a distinction between being smart and being intelligent. Some people can talk and build logical constructs very fast. I call that smart. It is like having a really good processor in your computer. But maybe they are not very good at building systems in their heads to recognize interconnectedness. The people who are really good at building interconnectedness systems are intelligent.

It is in the ability to build systems in our heads that modern knowledge really puts us way ahead of our ancient ancestors.Logic in the absence of constant reference to known facts will take you to some pretty strange places. 2000 years ago folks were often guessing about the nature of reality so their logical constructs tended to rely on the world in their experience. God was conceived as a sort of super father figure, heaven was up in the clouds etc.

We have so many more real facts at our disposal today we can build towering, provable factual constructs before we get to the point we have to start extrapolating with logic. Religions, however, are so vested in old ways they tend to run generations behind the current state of knowledge.

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