Travel Ban Geography

In the last couple years hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants have boarded small boats to cross the Mediterranean from Africa or the Middle East to land illegally on the shores of Europe, seeking to disperse through Europe for a better life. Europe has been inundated due to its proximity to Africa and the middle East.

From Libya to Sicily in Europe is about 150 miles, 9 hours by boat. Ferry service running on a daily basis in Alaska cover further distances.

At Gibraltar it is about 10 miles between Africa and Spain, half as far as recreational boaters from LA travel on a weekend to get to Catalina Island to party, and not much different from taking a ferry to Martha’s Vineyard.

Island hopping across from the middle east or Africa to Greece involves relatively short trips of under a day by boat from island to island is not unlike crossing Puget Sound in Washington.

Bridges connect Turkey to Eastern Europe.

On the other hand: From the closest point between Africa and the USA it is roughly 3 thousand miles across the Atlantic Ocean. Closer to 4000 miles from the Middle East. Is there even a single illegal immigrant in the US who arrived by boat from Africa or the Middle East?

Yet the Trump administration is continually citing real and imagined terrorist threats in Europe to support their proposed travel ban to the US. This suggests three options:

  1. The Trump administration has not figured out this obvious geographic distinction. Scary thought.
  2. The Trump administration is well aware of this geographic distinction but thinks it’s supporters won’t figure it out. Scarier thought.
  3. The Trump administration is right about Option 2. Scariest thought.