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Ive heard you and every pod guest discount Russ’s MVP credentials for the last month. If the award is really a toss up with Harden, then I have one final offering. We’ve all seen the stats…… we know the history of the award regarding wins….. We know about your crazy facination with the skills of Victor Oladipo!!??…… this day and age of advanced metrics its easy to lose sight of the most reliable tool at our capacity……. our EYES. I rewatched each of their top ten best games AND 10 worst games….. After watching the tape I think Russ wins by a landslide. Harden is absolute magic with the basketball, but my guess is that the NBA will change how the game is officiated because of the way James Harden draws fouls. He has originated 3 or 4 go to moves specifically designed to get whistles. The young guys in the league copy these moves. It makes basketball less enjoyable to watch. Who would you rather have as an example of how basketball should be played going forward? The one with the kamakaze drive and relentless motor who would do anything to win games, on an insane 82 game tear? Or an offensive genius (not even the best in the league…Lebron, Steph, KD) putting up gaudy numbers, finding success on a team built around his specific skillset? Harden for MVP IS BAD FOR THE FUTURE OF THE LEAGUE!! (BTW — my team is the Blazers so I have no dog in this fight)

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