A “new” perspective on learning

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What did I learn from the following, great video about learning? 
Which impact did it have on me and my behavior?

In an older blog post a view years ago…

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…I already wrote about the gap between attitude and behavior but I never linked it directly to learning. So let’s do that a bit.

Attitude could be the same as informations you combined to knowledge. You know it, but does this effect your behavior?

An example: if someone asks you, “how important is it to safe our planet and stop global warming?” Most people say something like: “Very! We should all be concerned and take action.”

Than you switch the focus on their shopping basket and you see plastic bags, plastic bottles and a key for a RAM 3500.

So attitude / values are not equal behavior. Behavior is a lot more complex and depends on a lot of variables in our environment. We are in big parts a product of our environment. It’s a forth-back, interactional based relationship.

Behavior could be “defined”, regarding learning, as the ability to use / apply this knowledge in your actual life in different contexts.

My thesis is:

Learning is the transfer of theoretical knowledge into actual actions and new habits

So learning is a lot about the competence to transfer knowledge into actions.

Leo of actualized.org calls it LEARNING = BEHAVIOR CHANGE

Only if your behavior changes after you learned something, you really learned something. Easy, or?

As I recognized, it’s totally not. I consider myself as a “learning didactics expert”, but I found out that a lot of the times, even if I speak from transfer competence in learning etc., I still think more in terms of knowledge transfer which is actually not “real” learning if you take learning = behavior change serious.

So I would like to encourage you and myself to ask yourself these 4 Questions (3 of the video + 1 I added) every time you recognize that you are in a “learning situation”. This can be a training, a webinar, reading an article,…

  1. What did I learn?
  2. How will this information change my behavior?
  3. What did I learn about myself?
  4. How does my intended behavior change effect my environment? (positive, negative, unclear)

But don’t forget that to develop new behaviors is not an easy task. It can take a while of continually, repeatedly usage, with doing mistakes, until you formed new, automated habits. 
Which should benefit you and your environment.

Happy Sunday :)