Je wil als restaurateur graag op de eerste plaats in Google staan. Hierbij ligt een grote focus op het verwerken van zoekwoorden in de teksten op je website. Dit gebied van gespecialiseerde onlinemarketing heet zoekmachine optimalisatie of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Deze traditionele marketingtruc heeft zijn magie nog niet verloren maar ook andere strategieën groeien aan populariteit. Als je niet beschikt over sterke internetprofielen of een goede website ben je online zo goed als onzichtbaar.

Goed geschreven webteksten zijn belangrijk maar is het je belangrijkste focus om jouw restaurant te laten groeien?

Zorg voor een goede website

De wereld ondergaat een mobiele revolutie. Iedereen heeft…

Earlier tonight I found a newsletter from Memisa Belgium, an NGO that promotes quality basic health care, in my SPAM folder. That’s not good!

What is Memisa?

Memisa Belgium is an NGO that promotes quality basic health care. The main purpose is to provide essential, quality and appropriate care, particularly for the most disadvantaged people, without distinction of race, religion or political persuasion. This is achieved through sustainable development programmes, small-scale initiatives and emergency aid in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

SPAM email

The following email got my attention when scanning my SPAM folder. The title of the email announces their new website. … needs JavaScript to be viewed.

Two days ago I gave a presentation at the first ever WordCamp in Belgium about front-end development methodologies & tools. While preparing my slides I discovered that simply doesn’t work without JavaScript.

There shouldn’t be any discussion about whether you should offer a good service to non-JavaScript people. Progressive enhancement, done well, ensures you always will.

At the end of 2013 the GDS team found out how many people are missing out on JavaScript enhancement.

Testing Joomla installations and extensions can be a tedious task. You need to setup different versions of Joomla, install extensions, symlink files, run tests, etc. Doing all this manually is very laborious and time consuming.

At Joomlatools we are testing our extensions daily and had to come up with a better way to quickly and automatically install Joomla sites.

Joomlatools Console

Our console is a command line interface for common Joomla operations like:

  • installing sites
  • installing and symlinking extensions

Below is a short video showing how to setup different Joomla sites using just one command.

Setup a Joomla site with just one…

Image from

Today is the Global Accessibility Awareness Day, a community-driven effort whose goal is to dedicate one day to raising the profile of and introducing the topic of digital accessibility and people with different disabilities to the broadest audience possible.

The target audience of Global Accessibility Awareness Day is the design, development, usability, and related communities who build, shape, fund and influence technology and its use. While people may be interested in the topic of making technology accessible and usable by persons with disabilities, the reality is that they often do not know how or where to start. Awareness comes first.

Myth: Accessibility is “blind people”

A few weeks ago federal minister of the digital agenda, Alexander De Croo and his Digital Minds advisory board announced the action plan “Digital Belgium”. We, Timble, join hands with our Open Police project to help shape our digital future, together.

Digital Belgium outlines the digital long-term vision for Belgium and translates this into clear ambitions. On the basis of five clear, specific priorities we would like to put Belgium more firmly on the digital map.

Action plan

  1. Digital Confidence And Digital Security, only when citizens and businesses have full confidence that their data is safe online, can the digital economy achieve…

Instead of experience

Collection of quotes from Dee Ward Hock, the founder and former CEO of the Visa credit card association.

An organisation, no matter how well designed, is only as good as the people who live and work in it.

Never hire or promote in your own image. It is foolish to replicate your strength. It is idiotic to replicate your weakness. It is essential to employ, trust, and reward those whose perspective, ability, and judgment are radically different from yours. It is also rare, for it requires uncommon humility, tolerance and wisdom.

Hire and promote first on the basis of…

Using CSS Transforms

Three Horizontal Lines

The majority of responsive websites that use an icon to represent a hidden menu opt for the three horizontal stripes — these include some high-profile websites like Starbucks.

Myth: Icons enhance usability

Many researchers have shown that icons are hard to memorise and are often highly inefficient.

By Tom Janssens

Been there, loved it.

Two months ago I was in San Francisco for a few days, need ideas?

Start the morning with a coffee at Sightglass Coffee. In the afternoon go for some sweets at Chile Pies & Ice Cream. End the day with a great dinner at RN74.

Sightglass Coffee

Coffee made from house-roasted beans served along with baked goods in a bi-level, industrial space.

Note: You’ll pay with Square here because Jack Dorsey invested in Sightglass Coffee.

“Real education has (almost) nothing to do with knowledge and everything to do with simple awareness.”

by David Foster Wallace


Tom Janssens

The web platform is my box of LEGOs.

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