Sunset and Skyline spots in Sydney, Australia

The 5 best spots in Sydney to see a Sunset with Skyline

Which are the best places to watch the sunset in Sydney? Where are the most amazing views to take a picture of the skyline of the city? Can I enjoy both together? The answer is YES and here you have my 5 favourite spots to begin a chilling aussie arvo with a red and orange background. ♫♫ Some relaxing vibes ♫♫ and a bottle of wine or beer to share are always welcome to complete those free and beautiful shows in Sydney ;-)

1. Milk Beach

  • How can I find the spot? Check it HERE
  • Extra info: You should walk to Milk Beach from Rose Bay and enjoy the short but beautiful coastal walk. Stop in the other cozy beaches like Queens Beach to get different views of the skyline.
Milk Beach (Sydney sunset + skyline)

2. Bradleys Head Amphiteatre

  • How can I find the spot? Check it HERE
  • Extra info: From the bus stop in Taronga Zoo to this dusk spot you will be able to enjoy a nice walk throughout the nature and bunkers of Bradleys Head Reserve.
Bradleys Head Amphiteatre (Sydney sunset + skyline)

3. Dudley Page Reserve

  • How can I find the spot? Check it HERE
  • Extra info: This park is one of the best places in Sydney to enjoy a picnic or just to share a bottle of wine/champagne in front of the city. Try to find the right photo frame “on the swing“ and you will get a unique image (Tip: Kids area). If you walk or cycle the surroundings of Dover Heights with no rush you can find some other secret hills with great views of the city.
Dudley Page Reserve (Sydney sunset + skyline)

4. Camp Cove Beach

  • How can I find the spot? Check it HERE
  • Extra info: Before enjoying the sunset near the kiosk you can walk up the road from Camp Cove to explore Watsons Bay area with all the amazing cliffs, its emblematic Hornby Lighthouse and other minimalist views.
Camp Cove (Sydney sunset + skyline)

5. Mrs Macquarie’s Chair

  • How can I find the spot? Check it HERE
  • Extra info: As you can see in the pics this is the place where you will get “THE Sydney Sunset pic”. You will find a stunning dusk behind the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House: the most iconic view of the most famous city in Australia. Some people watch it from the rocks on the right close to the water (2nd photo), others prefer to watch it from the park on the top but I recommend you to enjoy the sunset from “the little cave” (1st photo). When the sun is gone you can follow the waterfront path to the Opera House and finish your day with some affordable beers and the best night views of the city. Those are my favourite venues in Circular Quay area: Opera Bar, Glenmore Hotel (top terraze) or O Bar (rotating restaurant in a 47th floor).

Do you know any more places to see the Sunset with the Skyline of Sydney? If you want to share your favourite ones or if you want to find more dusk spots, please check #SydneySunsetChasers in Instagram ;-)

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