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This reporters have an agenda and don’t want to admit it. Donald Trump says: “….in the campaign trail…” and “… for politics…..”

Under too much attack from the press he needs a respite. Before becoming POTUS he has been traveling, playing golf, eating the best foods, visiting places, meeting important people with his own money and airplane.

Now, he is a public servant with the same benefits as his predecessors. He is paying from his pocket accomodation, reception to visitors to white house.

He is not getting paid to be POTUS.

We know that the economy has revert some bad deals, increase the countries value in terms of money and respect. What these leftist reporters have contributed if it is not enough for their selfish attitude?

If POTUS have return in value more than 5B, why is it wrong to spend 100M?

This reporter makes me win 100 dollars I will let him keep 50?

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