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Why freedom?

Peace. The Oxford Dictionary describes freedom as freedom (of something) the right to do or say what you want without anyone stopping you. I take it a step further and add leadership to freedom and make it my north star. Every night before going to sleep I remind myself of my vision which is to “Lead to Freedom”.

What kind of freedom?

All kinds.

Thought Flow

First Attempt

This is the first time I’m attempting to write a blog withouth using backspace. As you see, I’ve already made a mistake in the first line but I continue to write my thoughts as they come to me. The idea is to get a digital picture of my thought process. I will make it as engaging as I can. Let’s start with this picture.

golf ball with a crown called “The Royal” at the Crypto Golf Club

A golf ball wearing a crown? Why would you do that?

This digital picture is much more than what first meets the eye. To be short and simple, this digital picture is an investment in your freedom. This time specifically focused on financial freedom.

From my little research on Bitcoin and the blockchain technology, I’m visualizing a huge opportunity to make a substantial shift in one’s financial situation. The main idea behingd* this ecosystem is the decentralization of the currenttly centralized economy. Everything around can be decentralized through this technology from finance, to medicine, to education to sports. In other words, look at blockchain as a new way of moving data. This way is controlled by codes and uses the community to support the sustainability of the entire ecosystem.

From what I can recall, the blockchain technology is an inexpensive way to do kick-starter campaigns. In other words, it’s a more transparent way of raising capital. Learn more about Crypto Golf Club Project here or visit the club’s first virtual gallery here.

Let me share a new project that I am really excited about. For now we can call it the Financial Freedom Project. My goal is to make sustainable income in the long run and share the learning through the process. More about the project later and now let’s look at my first look for this special NFT collection.

If this space increases engagement with my community I’ll be happy to create more scribbles. This is an experiment on so many different levels which I wish to unfold in my Scribble ✏️ series.

Keep creating,




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