5 big topics for 2017?

Janus Boye
Sep 23, 2016 · 2 min read

During the last month alone, we’ve run more than 30 Boye group meetings in Europe and North America.

While our member base is quite diverse, ranging from large, complex and global organisations to government, higher education and NGO’s, when it comes to digital transformation and the ongoing paradigm change, many things are shared.

We’ve shared notes in our moderator team and here are five recurring topics we think will remain on the agenda through 2017:

1) Better use of data and analytics

Most organisations sit on more data than they know what to do with, but have hardly invested any time or resources in crunching it and turning it into actionable insights; business intelligence that could help them make better decisions. Many are realising that this is a missed opportunity and that by hiring in some digital analytics skills, they can start leveraging some hitherto untapped potential.

2) Cloud

No longer a question of if, but when. Many are adopting cloud-first or even cloud-only strategies for their IT investments. There are no sane reasons not to take your digital experience to the cloud.

As one of our Swiss members noted on a flip chart: Before cloud, we tried to push everything up the mountain; Now with the cloud, everything is coming down rapidly and we need to make sure we don’t get rolled over.

3) Artificial intelligence

At our Philadelphia conference in May, Robert Rose predicted that the robots are coming. Around the same time, Google started talking about AI-first. It’s happening. IoT and much more.

Take a look at IBM Watson, which will have a big impact on the workplace of the future.

4) Game-changing beliefs or agile business or start-up mentality

No matter what you call it, big and old economy firms are increasingly trying to learn from the small guys.

This relates to how you design an organisation. How you simplify initiatives and how you fail cheap. How you become more agile. The concept of minimum viable product.

5) GDPR — the new EU privacy directive

It’s bigger than Y2K and Tim Walters from Digital Clarity Group recently called it a bomb in the digital plumbing. Read his posting titled Progress on Privacy: Business incentives and the GDPR.

On a related topic, Pernille Tranberg is keynoting in Aarhus in November on data ethics as a new competitive advantage.

Learn more about the key trends

I’ve also shared how German shipping giant Hapag-Lloyd changed the game on social media.

For some reflection on a fast changing world, take a look at the key digital trends for 2016.

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