I’m Done Pretending SF Tech Is Visionary
Marco Marandiz

Ive been living in the Bay area for little over a year and a half and its amazing here. I moved here from GA and it is everything that i hoped it to be. Im not in the startup industry so I dont know much about that but i see and read about all these people getting money and give to a charity or something that has nothing in a whole different place in the world. Why give to all these places when we have people right here living under the bridge. These people can use the same help that they are sending away. We have a lot of bright minds but it seems like we are selfish. I understand that the people making money worked their ass off to get where they got but we need to help these people out.

All in all this is a great place probably the best place for me but we can do more. We challenge each other everyday we need to challenge each other to make this place even better. Im definitely open ears to change. Look forward to reading more.

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