NBA Draft Day Steals

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Each year there will be players in the draft that are talked about more than the others. These are the guys who will be picked in the first 15 picks. Then they’re players that you find that fits a team’s system perfectly. These players are your Draymond Greens, DeAndre Jordans, or even Johnathan Simmons who went undrafted out of the University of Houston. These players are on a team and fit the team’s system perfectly. So, I have a couple players in this year’s draft that I think can make teams better.


Luke Kennard: At Duke Luke was a great offensive scorer. What makes him a great scorer is he can score from anywhere on the court, inside, mid-range, and the three-point ball. With the Golden State Warriors dominating the way they do from the three-point line everybody is playing catch up to this style of play. Kennard can single handily add the three-point ball to a team that struggles to shoot deep. He will be able to get his jumper off of screens before he will be able to create in the NBA. Like Gordon Hayward from Butler to now once Luke puts on some size he will be a crafty NBA player.

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PJ Dozier: PJ was an interesting player in the NCAA Tournament this year. He was the best overall athlete/basketball player on his Final Four qualifying team. He has the potential to be a good role player because of his body build. PJ is a streaky shooter but his length will make him a good defender in the NBA and his ball handling skills will keep players honest on the offensive end.


Sindarius Thornwell: Like PJ, Thornwell was on the South Carolina Final Four team. The NCAA Tournament was Thornwell’s coming out party. He found a consistent enough shot to carry his team deep into the tournament. His shooting isn’t his calling card though Sindarius Thornwell shines in leadership, defense, and resilience. Three qualities that don’t show up on a stat sheet but will help him on a team that needs a gritty player that will go in a game and bring a spark on the defensive end of the floor. Sindarius is a Greg Popovich style player.

These are just three players that I think can make a team instantly better in some way or fashion. Another thing to look out for is teams drafting these players and trading them to other teams. This is how championship contender teams end up with players like these.

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