Surprise! Its NBA Draft Day

This year’s NBA Draft seems to have a lot of different stories going on with players that are already in the league, which is very top heavy with a lot of sneaky good players late. Everything goes back to teams trying to catch the Golden State Warriors. Some teams are tanking the find a star to add approach, some are tearing it all down, and some are trying to build through the draft. The building through the draft approach won’t get you a championship this next season. Hell, I can argue it won’t get you anywhere near a championship. Just ask the 76ers and Phoenix Suns.

  • What are the Oklahoma City Thunder looking to add around Russell Westbrook? Either via draft or trade cause his body can’t keep averaging a triple double.
  • What else will the Lakers do after trading their former first round pick Deangelo Russell to the Nets?
  • Is it time for the Clippers and Blazers to tear it down? Tired of being the Warriors doormat.
  • What surprises do the Houston Rockets have that’s going to put them closer to the Warriors? According to general manager Daryl Morey.
  • Can the Utah Jazz stay relevant with its core that it has now? Keeping Gordon Hayward I would imagine would be number 1 on the list.
  • The Celtics and Cavaliers are the class of the east. Cleveland is in tier 1 and Boston in tier 2 but should be able to close the gap this summer. Everyone else is way behind the curve.
  • Will the Celtics use at least three of the 10 first round picks they have accumulated to try and bring in an Anthony Davis, Jimmy Butler, Paul George, or even Kristaps Porzingis?
  • Will the Cavaliers be able to strike a deal for Paul George or Jimmy Butler?

So many interesting scenarios out there and its funny that less than 50% of the scenarios even feature the draft prospects. We know Markele Fultz will go number 1 and Lonzo Ball number 2 after that everything is a toss-up. Im glad the NBA is starting to find ways to stay relevant in the off season a lot like the NFL.

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