The One and Done Problem

The National Championship is set and we have the North Carolina Tar Heels vs. Gonzaga Bulldogs. However, one thing is missing, the polarizing one and done players. We have two veteran teams and not one freshman that leads the team. So why do we love the one and done player so much? What do the one and done players do for their programs? Bring them some wins but no championships. In fact, there are only two teams in the last decade that have been led by one and done players and won a National Championship. The 2012 Kentucky team and the 2015 Duke team. So, is this one and done thing a problem? It seems to me like the players are holding the schools hostage.

Last Two Decades of Champs

Duke and Kentucky were the only teams that were able to win with one and done players. Both teams had three freshmen selected in the NBA Draft the year they won the National Championship. With the exception of the 2013 Michigan and 2014 Kentucky teams the National Championship games have been veteran teams competing against each other. You can go two decades back and still there are no one and done teams with a championship. If the one and done players are so elite, then why aren’t they playing in the big game year in year out?

One and Done’s playing hard?

I’m not the one to question another person’s integrity especially these young guys playing the game but I’m going to questions if their effort. These kids obviously love the hell out of the game but you have to question if they go 100% each game. With draft scouts saying you’re projected a top 10 pick what’s the point of going hard every game? So, I question things like Duke freshmen Jayson Tatum having a foot injury to start the season or looking uninterested at times during the season. I question Ben Simmons effort at LSU in the classroom and on the court. The latest is Lonzo Ball who played his ass off the whole season but what got me was his interview after a loss to Kentucky where he didn’t play his best.

I don’t know if there is a solution for the one and done situation but I watched a veteran South Carolina team spank a young loaded Duke team. The players have only one thing on their mind and that’s the green. In the same breath, do the colleges have green on their mind when they recruit these great players? The NBA is in a bad place because the television product is so bad. This is a start to fixing it, getting the best players on the court.

Written by Marcus Hemingway from

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