They Wont, Or Will They?

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Kevin Durant and Chris Paul are in an odd place this summer. Both put their names in the free agency pool for the summer. Kevin Durant is coming off an NBA Finals MVP and championship and Chris Paul is coming off another disappointing playoff loss.

Kevin Durant chose to decline his option but says that he intends to resign. Kevin Durant seems to me to be a man of his word but what if he decides not to resign. Would he consider going back to play with Russell Westbrook in Oklahoma City? Would he go play with one of his good friends James Harden in Houston. Daryl Morey the general manager for the Houston Rockets told ESPN’s Zach Lowe “We have something up our sleeve”. Could they poach Kevin Durant away like the Warriors did to Oklahoma City? The Rockets would have the best chance to pull Durant away because of Coach Dantoni’s offensive system. Kevin Durant would have similar freedom like he has at Golden State to let his game flourish. Like the old saying goes if they leave you for one women then they would do it again to you. I doubt that Kevin Durant would leave the perfect situation for his game, brand, and championships in the Bay Area. Players don’t always get the chance to play in a perfect offensive system and KD has that here.

Chris Paul on the other hand isn’t happy with his team in Los Angeles. He doesn’t have the best relationship with DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin is leaving in free agency. The Spurs and Rockets have shown interest. My question for the Rockets is does he really fit with ball dominant James Harden. Not really. So, I think the Houston Rockets are bluffing on their interest. At this point in Chris Paul’s career championships are more important than money. Championships equal more money post NBA career. San Antonio would put him closer to a championship than the Los Angeles Clippers will. Now my question is would Chris Paul do the unthinkable? In this case the unthinkable that nobody is talking about is signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Yes, the Cavaliers have Kyrie Irving but maybe Lebron feels he could do better with Paul at point guard. Paul can go to Cleveland on a 2-year deal and immediately play for championship/s. Chris Paul would be in an ideal situation in Cleveland where he wont have to dominate the ball. He could go an be a true PG and distribute the ball. The Cavaliers wont have to depend so much on isolation ball and could come down and run some actual offensive sets. Not a bad thought to think about when you’re in the recruiting phase of Free Agency.

Kevin Durant is likely to stay in the Bay Area. Chris Paul is a wild card right now with more stories likely to come out in the next couple days.

Originally posted at by Marcus Hemingway