The best shoes are the ones you have on!

I love nature and having an active lifestyle. Traveling, and especially being outside and on the move, is a huge part of who I am. Recently I have gotten numerous comments to the tune of “the stuff I do requires expensive equipment and a large budget.” This just isn’t true. Case in point: shoes. These are my thoroughly battered, but amazing Nike Free Run sneakers. Let me tell you a bit about them…

I have had these shoes for three years now. They have accompanied me to Spain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, England, Germany, Poland, Croatia, Switzerland, Italy…. I wear them almost every day and to call them all-rounders is an understatement. I wear them to the office, when I go running, on my LDP long-boarding trips, and I love wearing them when meandering around cities or hiking. In this shot we are halfway through a 25k stroll up Pilatus, at 2000 meters. The trails up there are rugged alpine horrors, with loose rocks, slippery surfaces and big drops waiting to punish any mistakes with, well, pretty certain death. And yet, I can not think of any better shoes to be wearing.

You do not need expensive equipment to enjoy stunning nature and travel to wonderful places and experience amazing things! These cost me around 100 bucks, so let’s do the math. My FitBit tells me I average around 12,000 steps a day. Times 3 years, so 3 * 365 * 12,000 = 13,140,000 steps. Pull off about 10% for when I wore other shoes and we get 12 million steps. That’s 0,0000000833 cents per step. Value for money, FUCK YEAH! And these things are amazingly well put together! The soles are almost worn through, but the rest of the shoe is as good as day 1. Thanks for that Nike!

Absolutely DO spend money on socks though! I wear Adidas running socks with padded soles, and they save my life all the time! At 15 bucks a pair they may be expensive (not really, just more expensive than most socks) but so worth it! Buy good socks, your feet will thank you! #endOfMeContradictingMyself

Now, I’m sure any hard-core hiking enthusiasts that made it this far are fuming by now. And, yes, you are absolutely right, a proper pair of hiking / trail-running shoes are an amazing thing! IF you are willing and able to shell out the money. But, if I bought a specialized shoe for every activity I love, I would be broke! And, anyway, you are not the people this is aimed at. This is aimed at those people that are sitting on their asses because they “can’t afford” the equipment they think they need. YOU DO NOT NEED SPECIALIZED SHIT FOR EVERYTHING! The best shoes are the ones you have on. Now get your ass off that couch and out the door! The world is a beautiful, amazing, stunning place, go experience it!

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