Dealing with nostalgia in a boarding school

Constant yearning for one’s parents, friends, home, etc. is something every student experiences in the initial few days after shifting to a boarding school. However, the more you think about home, the less would you be able to concentrate in other activities, and vice versa. Here are a few ways of dealing with homesickness in a boarding school:

1.Put an end to those constant calls to your parents
When I was sent to a boarding school in Noida, I was a cry baby. The moment anything happened, I would start crying, forcing the school authorities to call my parents. Then one fine day, they stopped heeding my incessant requests to call home. They just allowed me one call per day unless something was really urgent and needed attention. They said it was for my own benefit. While I didn’t understand the motive behind their action at that point of time, I am so glad they did that. That’s because despite being away from home, I was totally dependent on my parents to make me feel alright. As the frequency of calls decreased, I found myself becoming more independent and taking care of my own self. So put an end to those constant calls to your parents, because the more you call them, the more would you miss them.

2.Make efforts to get to know people
Friends make life easier, especially in boarding schools. With one another’s support, students learn to cope with homesickness and other challenges. So if you have been absorbed in self-pity till now, go out and make some friends. Learn more about your roommates, your classmates, and other children. The more time you spend in the company of your friends, the less time would you have to think about your family.

3.Get involved in extra-curricular activities
Studying is important, but so are other activities. Make an effort to learn a new sport, or pick up a new hobby like reading, poetry recitation, debating, dancing, or dramatics. When you concentrate your energies in such activities, you are bound to think less about being away from home.

I was born and brought up in Noida. When I was put in a boarding school, going back to my day care centre in Noida was all I could think about in the initial days. While I was obviously too small to remember anything, I did remember that it was a happy time. My mother told me stories of how much I enjoyed in my day care centre. But the more I thought about my childhood, the more strongly I longed for home. However, when I started getting involved in other activities, my focus naturally shifted from missing my parents to enjoying my present. Try doing all of the above and see the difference it makes to your thoughts. Best of luck!