Emotions- a mandatory thing to achieve dreams.

Recurring Style of celebration and Vibe of life are in continuum in cities who do not like sleep and stay awake. The life –lived with different emotions, trusts finds its place with one another in spite of struggle for existence. Sometimes the moment becomes so extreme that every single individual like to celebrate the moment as the last moment in the life. The happy moments like buying a car, having a flat of its own become the momentous thing in life. These small things though not small for a common man as to accomplish these dreams it take a sheer amount of time, efforts and hard work. The next thing which can be thought off is about the people who can celebrate because celebrating alone becomes like Barren Island and then person have everything — but nothing as well. Here the family becomes the live wire among the dreams and ambitions of individual.

Mumbai is famous for fulfilling dreams of many people who migrated to Mumbai with a reverie in their mind. The face continues between the dreams and struggle and in that struggle person enjoys those moments which are the essence of human life. The person experiences the love, fight, jealous as well adoring nature. The virtues and vices get discriminated some time and sometimes they are so intermingled that every quality look like the same. Apart from these thoughts, the emotional attachment with family members also become so valuable as it helps and motivates a person to stand up and work up for their dreams. The occasions are moments when wishes sent by far away people makes the mood of the person and he doesn’t feel alone among the full competitive world.

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