Why Bill Maher’s Apology Shouldn’t Save Him
Ezinne Ukoha

Nice one Queen. Someone said, “There’s a difference between saying nigger and using it.” But that’s utter nonsense. The word is used to mean the most savage, heinous, worst, despicable person on earth; the type who would f**k and kill his own mother. This was the original description of this word and it wasn’t aimed at the so-called negro. Get that through your heads.

Time has run out for Bill Maher? REALLY? Oh, you mean It Should Run Out For Him. HE SHOULD FEEL IT FOR SAYING THAT! I know, I know. WE KNOW! But hell, if that’s the case, every single thing with any HINT or OVERT RACISM SHOULD END, NOW! Shouldn’t it? They’re not only saying shit, their cops, laws, systems and such, say it, too! And the energy of their hate produces violence in every single way. I would rather them just saying shit. But they have shit that’s killing us. Outright killing us, in every single way possible. So, this is a freaking problem.

From what I’ve witnessed, these people spread and spew their insolence, constantly. They’re too many of them to list (look them up for yourself). But not one white person has ever been fired and stayed FIRED because they insult blacks. In fact, after a SHORT WHILE, they go on and make more money and move up in stature in “this society”.

Leave the past in the past? Um, every single sick shit from the past has been revamped and subtle things added in, that’s now the norm for people of color. And ALL THE RACIST, JIM CROW SHIT, IS ADDED IN IT. IT’S STILL HERE. IT NEVER WENT, ANYWHERE. This is why you and I, are HERE, MY DEAR. Another nice one, Ezinne. Bless.

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