This is what this whole set up looks like. A Sick, Twisted 2 Faced Thing.


If you look around and observe your surroundings, you’ll see and understand a lot of things that seem to go unnoticed. Back-in-the-day, we believed most of the stuff we saw on television. And television made fun of and insulted people’s cultures and way of life. My father called it ‘The Idiot Box’. This is where white man lives out all his fantasies and twists stuff around. And in doing so, he changes and shapes perceptions and controls minds. Don’t watch this more than you read. Okay, Dad.

We believed the stories we read in books. We believe in fairy tales and wishes. We believe some of the historical stuff and other mumbo jumbo. We believe things even when we know, it’s shrouded in lies.

We’ve look closely at this and we know this culture was set up this way. It uses myths and fables to explain everything under the sun, and to reshape people’s minds. AND, the fact you have people running around pretending to be righteous, making sure other people are on board with the nonsense. You see them all over the place talking about spirituality, righteousness, love, peace and all that other stuff. They have a clearer understanding of spirituality than you do. Oh, really?!!! I would take the ideals of a man in the jungle, before I take one from them. They’re educated fools who believe in any and everything. They believe in the stuff that sounds good. And don’t come with something different or you’ll be judge as angry, troublemaker or a insane person. So, everyone goes along just to fit in.

What IS Spirituality?

What is righteousness when it’s backed by lies and ignorance? What is it? It sure isn’t “Righteous” anymore, when it’s filled with lies. Oh, you meant it on a small scale? Oh, this spirituality thing only applies to you? Oh, it only applies to me? They use physics, all types of language and references to sound like they’re on the Spiritual tip. What is spirituality when you talk about it, but you’re not about it? They’re Spiritual in their “own world” but you’d never guess that.

Where did the term Spirituality come from? The term came from Africans (though the word itself is Latin and French). But after researching Africans and their way of life, we get all this stuff that’s geared to stop them from being Spiritual. This was a system that all Africans believed in before, the brainwashing. And you can see it in their deeds and history. The Greatness. The Godliness.

In most African contexts, spirituality is considered a belief system that guides the welfare of society and the people therein, and GETS RID OF sources of unhappiness occasioned by evil. The “Whole Society” thought this way. Not just a few people. So, nothing was there to undermine the people or oppress them.

The fact is, Spirituality means one thing to one race and a totally different thing to another. The Laws and feel good notions says come in peace and we will treat you kind and civil, we are one, let’s live in peace. But when you get there you’re used, abused and oppressed. The systems of beliefs are meant to hinder, cripple and separate people from Self and God. PLUS, hinder them in every phase of People Activity (gov., education, entertainment, etc.). Where is the Spirituality?

Why do you think so many people rise up against it? Do you actually think it’s good and kind? Well, I know it’s not right. People have become comfortable with seeing other people get killed, maimed and destroyed. Ever seen pictures of lynchings? They had popcorn, hot dogs and were all smiles. Oh, what a great time for them. When you benefit from the killing of others, you can’t see anything wrong with it. You feel it has to be done, so you can survive. This is what is looks like to Africans.

I’m can’t preach to people who are without. I communicate with people who’re within. If you’re lacking truth we know what to expect from you. The same craziness that keeps happening, over and over because of Ignorance, Hate and Lies!

Are WE really ONE?

Are WE? Should we believe in the same things? Are we the same? No, we’re not the same and that’s obvious. I don’t go into things that supports the ignorance. I have to go to studies. Facts. There are studies that shows growth rate, development, mental capabilities and such from birth to adulthood, in the races. Even in that, there is a huge difference. And guess who develops faster? The African child.

We shouldn’t focus on the difference, right? But every single thing is made up to look like it’s not against Africans, when it clearly is. So, when Africans look around at the madness, they ask, “What’s going on?” This is some strange shit to us! Do you see what’s happening? Okay, you see it. BUT DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT’S HAPPENING? OR WHY? We seem like we’re living in 2 separate worlds. We saw a man on the ground get killed right in front of our faces and it’s his fault. Better them, than me. When things are constantly happening to other people, unfair things, murderous things — when are we going to admit the truth? It seems like it’s a secret law to kill people of color. We see it. But the so-called spiritual people, can’t. They never do. What’s the problem? You don’t see a problem with this? No, we’re “clearly” not the same.

I’ll Figure It Out And Deal With It, Later.

No one’s life should be taken away because of ignorant hate. But it’s done all the time! I’m not here to go along with nonsense and pretense. I would consider it, if people who look like me wasn’t being murdered and oppressed. Hell, I would go along with every single thing the devils got going, if there was any truth in “their everything”. But because of the lies and the terror, I decided to remove myself from most of the crippling mental systems they’ve set up all over the place, in every single thing.

So, there are agents, detectives, spies, hidden figures that watch and prey on people who ask questions and search deep just to find pertinent information that can strengthen their whole being. They’re on all our social pages. Spying, watching. For what? The poor devils.

Every thing in this culture, that is alien to us is set up that way (to destroy and confuse). Myths and fairy tales are unnatural things. Africans are natural beings, so it’s a deadly system for them. I watch the so-called spiritual people, their writings, positions, statements, and such and I have to laugh. I just keep on laughing because they’re fakes. They believe in lies and fairy tales. And from the studies of the way their minds work; they believe The Truth and A Lie are The Same. Now, this is a serious fucking problem because we know they are different. Don’t we?

So, we’re dodging all types of stupid systems just to keep our Mind, Body and Spirit in tact and on a level where no redundant crap is there. This world was built on myths and fairy tales. But when dealing with the Spirit, that is something I’m not going to play games with. No acting. No faking. No Pretense.