What you need to know about Leprechauns, The Pot Of Gold, and The Irish

The Dentist, Leprechauns & The Beast

In the past, when I smiled the whole world smiles back at me. I had a smile that you can see even through my eyes. I used to think when I smiled my eyes “sparkled”. And I used to smile a fucking lot just because I looked so good doing it. Yea, I’m kind of “full of myself” but if I don’t love me — who’s going to do it? So I got my back, baby.

15 years ago I was diagnosed with gum disease. My dentist with his 18 carat gold plated or real gold pliers and equipment, started me on that scaling shit. Anyone ever had scaling done, especially when the gum has started to recede, knows the bleeding, screaming, and sheer terror you go through doing it. For me, the procedure scared me more than the gum disease. Scaling for me was bloody and painful. But I went through it because I was told it would help save my teeth.

So, forward to 2017 and my teeth are finally on their way to looking nice and straight. It’s been a long, hard, difficult process filled with tooth extractions, implants, root canals and fillings. And I’m so excited about finishing up and getting my grill straight.

I came into the dentist’s office, and smiled. Everyone turned around and said, “Hello, good morning.” Oh, you thought because of my take on stuff I’m a mean old ogre? Nah, in fact, I’m the opposite. Moving on, me and the woman I was in the elevator with, started a conversation. Soon, we were talking about the real Indians. Then this average looking, square shaped woman walked insider the office, and took a seat in the corner. Me and the woman I was speaking with, kept on talking about the great stuff we’ve heard.

Are Leprechauns Real?

We started talking about the so-called Leprechauns, who were actual black people, known as the Batwa, Twa, Pigmy people. When you celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day you’re celebrating their GENOCIDE. St. Patrick chased the snakes out of Ireland. Guess who the snakes are? Shameful, huh? And this is a theme we see over and over, again. But 2 skeletons were found in Spain believed to be from 7000 BP, were of dark skin with blue eyes. Their closest relatives were from Sweden, Finland. Where did the Irish come from? Where does everyone come from?

The Twa people had vast knowledge of Metal, Medicine, Textile, Clothing Making, Shoe Making, and more importantly, their medicinal technology, which Caucasians thought was magical. They come around you get what you create for their own benefit, kill you and take over. But the Twa, Pigmy People were The Protectors of The Gold At The End of The Rainbow. Translation: The Secret Knowledge of Spiritual Enlightenment. They migrated into Ireland before Caucasians or anyone else. They were rich and educated people. And they worked in harmony with nature.

It’s the Twa People they’re talking about when they say, “The Luck of The Irish.” Another man said, “I heard that a few years back but I didn’t really believe it.” Yea, that’s so strange how people can take advantage of other people, take what belongs to them, displace them, then forget about them. Every great thing or people, started first as people of color. But as with the real Indians, who were dark, black, not Asian mixed with whites — they’re destroyed by the people who want what they have and want to become them. Then, they’re decolonized, preyed upon, and other people mate with them and take over their legacy and way of life. After they get what they desire, they kill you and bury you, DEEP! No regard, no respect, no mention, NOTHING!

After our conversation ended, most of the people in the office were talking and smiling. I love it when people are open to hear something even though, they might not have known it or believe it. But you can go and do your research on it.

I was talking to 2 or 3 of the women in the office. And we had a long conversation with a tall gentleman, who ran to the front desk in hopes his dentures were ready. We talked about him not being able to eat anything and was at an all you can eat buffet, etc. We were talking about what we had to get done. The woman I was speaking with, came to get a tooth pulled. But she developed an abscess the night before and she was a bit frustrated she wasn’t going to get it out. I told her I was getting my implants and I was so happy. Another woman named, Brenda, had 10 of her top teeth removed and she was ready to pull the rest and get her dentures. Everyone was talking to each other, asking what the other was getting done.

I heard the squared shaped female give her name. The lady asked her what she was going to have done. Oh, just a clean. I was like, did I hear her say
she’s going to have her teeth cleaned? What a lucky lady. She must have taken care of her teeth, etc. So, I turned in her direction and said, “Hi, you’re just in to get a cleaning? You’re so lucky. She looked at me with this hateful look on her already unattractive face. She asked me, “What did you say.” I said, “You’re just cleaning your teeth?” You’re so — She SNAPPED! Well, what’s it to you? I looked her dead in her face, laughed and slowly turned away. Was it my hair, face, short dress with my long legs sticking out, my foot chain or my toe ring? I tried to recall my conversation with the woman I was speaking to. She came over to me and said, “That stupid bitch is an asshole.” That wasn’t necessary. I assured the woman, it was quite alright. I didn’t feel an ounce of shame, embarrassment or anything. I knew something was going on. As the woman was speaking to me, I recalled a part of my conversation that might have gotten this certain female upset.

The fact is, when you hear truth around you, if you’re about that life, you’re on it. If you’re not, you usually get angry and upset at the person who tells it. This female must think she is even a thought to me. Then, it hit me. I remember saying, “Many are called but the chosen are few.” After she said what she said and I recalled it, the woman and I laughed and said, “She’s not one of the few.” The woman said, “I guess she realized that, poor dear.” I wondered what she was doing in her own life that she thought she betrayed herself and she was angry at me for pointing it out to her. I took psychology. Plus, a friend of mine got her PhD in Psychology, I have most of her books. They’ve helped me to take a peek inside and learn how the human mind works.

After the bad attitude female went inside to do her cleaning, we started talking about 4 African girls who invented a generator that supplies power for 8 hours using 1 liter of urine! Amazing! Then someone mentioned the two brothers who did it with water and the man who got a generator to run on AIR! There are better fuel alternatives out there folks. Imagine we wouldn’t need to spend money on oil, gas or anything. We can just use our own urine to do it. No one would have to sacrifice food, rent or comfort to heat their home, etc.

After the female came out the office, she looked in my direction. I was in a wonderful conversation with Brenda and another Spanish Lady. She seemed surprise to see me talking and laughing, like I would give her ignorant ass any type of power. I’ve had so many battles with ignorant people, my claws are much sharper than Logan’s. AND — I’ve had conversations with all types of people, black and white, about so many things and besides talking, I listen, too. I have to listen to their point of view. I may not agree with it, but I have to respect it. I’m learning, growing and doing my best to clutch onto things that can help me to better myself and bring me closer…………….TO ME!

There are those who want you to stay brain dead, hate yourself, love everyone else and be silent and ignorant. The moment you’re uplifted by your own legacy, you’re a hateful person. But people who murder you in the streets, make laws to kill, maim, and hinder you, kill entire nations, and put all sorts of horrific things in place to take from humanity, aren’t criticized half as much. The majority loves them and follow their every move. It’s not okay but that’s the way it is. We’re not going to let the attitudes, stares, name calling or whatever stop us from telling, learning and wanting to know the truth. Too much stuff has been exposed and every single person should have the truth. We have all types of foolishness and nonsense that’s passing for truth. But they’re all lies! We better get truth in our beings before it’s too late.

Remember, The Truth Will Set You FREE!