A New Kind of Science: A 15-Year View
Stephen Wolfram

WOW! This is so Fantastic. A Computational universe, this is definitely a whole new kind of science Mr. Wolfram. I read the whole thing I was so intrigued. Computation without applications to a certain field or tasks. I didn’t realize they could exist without them. I get it. Trying to learn certain math, you have to know the rules, first. Your discovery is going to give many people a chance to comprehend and explore this new universe. How did you start on this journey? Trying to prove The Principle of Computational Equivalence?

Our world is becoming too automated and computerized. I personally don’t want the world to become more computational. I’m a being that needs more nature, not more AI, etc. But this country will eat it up because we’re more interested in production, than we are about human beings.

I do understand that this way of thinking has not been explored enough and it’s necessary in these times. And you even came up with your own computerized language and you’re trying to figure out a way to teach this to children. That’s what I’m talking about. Great! With your intuition and discoveries in this computational universe, this is going to be — BIG! One day. Hopefully, while you’re alive. I’m just saying. A New Kind of Science should be ripped apart and studied, immediately! What is the scientific community waiting for?

In closing, do you actually believe that exploring this Computational Universe, you can explore the mind? Free will? That surprised me a bit. BUT, it’s a very interesting concept. What if? You’re Awesome. You wrote an article that I was able to read in 20 minutes, that had me sitting and thinking about all the possibilities. WOW! Did I say it? You’re Awesome. Bless.

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