Houston Doth Protest Too Much, Methinks.
Ryan Leach

That sums it up! You’re not racist because you helped ALL people during a natural disaster. You can pat yourself on the back now. But you still voted for a man that called all Mexicans rapists. “Oh, some are good.”

I never believed that the republicans would fix our immigration policy. As it stands now, it accomplishes a few things. One as long as cheap undocumented labor exists,it keeps unions at a severe disadvantage. It prevents the undocumented from joining unions and wages low for everyone. Two, the republicans favorite campaign tactic is to point at the undocumented as those who are taking your jobs. Never mind that many of these jobs, are low paying ones, like picking fruits and vegetables. So vote republican and we’ll fix it. They never do, because what would they run on, if they couldn’t keep us at each others throats.

But Trump is upsetting the apple cart. He acts without thought to the consequences. Will the gop allow him to continue to deport the undocumented, while crops rot in the fields.

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