A couple of years back, I would not have had both mental and physical energy to carry out my goals (I don’t think I even had a proper one goal that time). I remember that lazy brain of mine always being in sleep/hibernation mode. It seldom thinks, plateauing in its capacity. I won’t be surprised if it got stagnated or even degrading.

Well, fast forward to today, there have been ups and downs. That’s what makes each of us unique in our stories. Really depending on your mental capacity and control, that inner strength within CAN bring you forward. Whether it’s to the place you want to be, to be of someone of certain traits, to achieve a certain skill level, etc.

Anyways, today I’ll just share what happens in a normal day of my life. This book has been sitting on my desk forever. I have yet to finish it but at least I’ve grasped some basic essence of it. Thank you to the friend who never gave up pestering me to read it over two years. Moving onwards! =)

7am: Rise and shine!

8am: Sweat it out in the gym (cardio or weights)

9am: Caffeine boost

10am: Meet clients or vendors in the city

12pm: Catch up with colleagues over lunch

1pm: Hustle, hustle

3pm: Focus in the office (on computer work)

4pm: Brainstorm session

6pm: Mug for my part-time accounting course

7pm: Dine with family or friends

8pm: Raid online (right not, Heroes of the Storm)

9pm: Prep for tomorrow (with Trello) and finish off any computer work

11pm: Read (motivational, business, finance, marketing, startup, entrepreneur, etc.)

12pm: Recharge starts…sleep~

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