International Women's Day Celebration- GDG and WTM New Delhi

Having an amazing Meet-Up after a week long continuous exam period… Doesn’t this feel like a blessing? Well, it does to me! ;)

After being completely exhausted, giving back-to-back six exams in a row, all I wanted was a break and a refreshing period. And what better than celebrating the last of the International Women's Day Celebrations in Delhi, organised by GDG & Women TechMakers New Delhi!

It was a bright Sunday morning. I was excited to learn new stuff and meet amazing developers out there!

Due to the sudden weather change, I had fever, but this Meet-Up wasn’t certainly the one to be missed at any cost. So, I pushed myself up, took the medicines and there I was at the venue, at 10:30 am.

The first session was supposed to start from 11 am, and was taken by Shubhi Sareen. Since I am keen to explore various fields that technology offers, her session was an enlightening one. I had ofter heard about ‘Deep Learning’, but never new how exactly it worked. She showed us some really good videos to get an idea about how that stuff really worked.

Next session was taken by Shilpi Gupta, a past WTM Scholar, on how to write scholarship applications. Since I had won some scholarships like Facebook F8 Scholarship, Google India Challenge Scholarship and Learn IT, Girl! Scholarship, I was invited by the WTM Team to share my views on the topic as well. It felt really great to give back to the community, which gave me so much.

The next session was me personal favourite. It was taken by Siddhant Agarwal and the topic was ‘Connecting AI with IoT’. Both AI and IoT are the fields which have intrigued me since the very beginning. Having implemented OpenCV, NumPy and other related Python libraries in some past projects on Image Processing and Speech Recognition, I could easily come to pace with what the speaker was speaking. The reason this session was my favourite was because we did some hands-on demos to test the python code.

Then, we had the lunch time, and what better than getting a cheese-burst Dominos pizza with coke! ❤ ❤

Being fully rejuvenated after such a tasty meal, we had a fun activity, of Dumb-Charades and Riddle Solving.

The next session was on Blockchain, taken by Satwik Kansal. I had lately heard of Blockchain and Bitcoins a lot, and even attended a talk on this topic before, but what I gained from the session that day was huge. It cleared all my misconceptions and formed a much clearer picture of the concept in my mind.

The final session was by Punit Chawla, on freelancing and the opportunities ahead.

Then, at last, we had the networking session, which was obviously great, and then we clicked some pictures, got our goodies (yayyy!) and left the venue around 5 pm.

All in all, it was a great event and I am glad I was a part of it. I look forward to more such events in the future.