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I’ve been wanting to learn what I will call being a guitar technician (skilled and experienced at complete guitar “set up” and other general working on guitars -simple electrics, simple body, ect work). I’ve begun doing set ups and other simpler skill level work on my own guitars for about 6 months now. I’ve learned though internet, books and as mentioned, by doing it. I make mistakes and takes me longer to do things because I need double check/research steps to particular tasks. Also takes me longer due to lack of confidence.

I wish there was a local teacher who held classes/workshops. I have found a place, but its three hours away (I may still go there though). At local ‘tech told me there are only ‘so many of them techs (like “3–4” total) in our area and so they wouldn’t want teach their own trade for loss of business (in other words they’d think another competitor if I learned). M

My main short term goal (5 year plan) is to be able service my own (so far…) 10 guitars. My long term goal (5 years plus…) is a small business based on guitar and other ‘niche retail, servicing guitars, instruction (in guitar servicing) and hosting (for free) a music ‘club (a place to exchange in discussion, ect and playing, ect).

As the local tech who I spoke w/ mentioned none of the locals would want teach their trade ‘secrets due to would mean more competition and that could mean less profit. I don’t think that way at all so that kind of talk makes no impact on my passions and goals. I need make honest money, but I don’t care about money except having feasibly enough $ to live an honest simple life (“need”, but “don’t care” …if that makes sense…).

When I set my mind to something I ‘wanna do I just do it. I also don’t stop learning and continue as a student no matter what I may achieve or re-achieve at any point. My short and long term goals above are my passion (‘period).