Brief Weekend Update with Miitomo, Pokémon and Nintendo Switch news!

Just a brief weekend update as I’m busy battling both flu and Bokoblins! Check out the step-by-step JP Nintendo Switch eShop User Guide aimed at non-Japanese speakers!

Miitomo Shop added several new items including the pictured Cyberpunk Visor, Waistcoat & Parka & Tailored Jacket and Work Boots. Miitomo Drop also added the third Purrfection! Feline Fashion 2 stage with Cat Pyjamas (Top and Bottoms), Fluffy Kitty Slippers and Cat Collar with Bell plus saw the return of the Fresh baked fashion! Baker’s Dozen for a couple of days.

● Pokémon Sun Moon gives all players that pre-book tickets for the new movie a code for a Pikachu with Ash’s hat. Original Cap will be available from 15 April to 01 May and then 19 – 31 July. Hoenn Cap from 03 – 15 May and 02 – 14 August. Sinnoh Cap from 17 – 29 May and 16 – 28 August. Unova Cap from 31 May – 12 June and 30 August – 11 September. Kalos Cap from 14 – 26 June 14th and 13 – 25 September. And the Alola Cap from 28 June – 17 July and 27 September – 09 October. Each Cap comes with the special Pikashunium Z Z-Crystal, which allows it to use the move 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt. Thanks to Serebii.

Nintendo Co., Ltd. shares closed the week at 24,735.00 with an increase since the Nintendo Switch released. Dengeki Online listed the Nintendo Switch as having sold 336,512 in its first three days which is 95% of the initial shipment. Stores received limited second shipments over the weekend.