Huge Tuesday Update with Kirby livestream, ARMS Direct, Switch update plus more news!

● The Kirby 25th Anniversary Orchestra Concert at Bunkamura Orchard Hall in Shibuya, Tokyo on 21 July 2017 at 19:00 JST will air live on PPV on niconico priced at ¥2,500 ($23).

● Nintendo announced an ARMS Direct (here) for 18 May at 07:00 JST (00:00 CET and 23:00 BST, 18:00 ET and 15:00 PT on 17 May — tomorrow!). There will be a new two minute video for Splatoon 2 too!

Nintendo Co., Ltd. shares closed at 29,990.00 today — the highest level since the height of the Pokémon GO craze back in July 2016!

● Nintendo have updated the Nintendo Switch hardware to Version 2.3.0 offering ‘General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience’.

● Q-Games who developed Star Fox 64 3D most recently on Nintendo 3DS will be revealing a new game (no platform) at A 5th of BitSummit this weekend.

● Natsume announced Harvest Moon: Light of Hope for Nintendo Switch in the west which will “encompass twenty years of spirit that has made the franchise what it is today.”

● The last EVER issue of Game Labo is out today in Japan after 32 years in business. Game Labo is/was an underground videogame magazine with articles on hacking etc. One lesson here is please support print media.

Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers scored 29/40 (7/8/7/7) in this week’s issue of Weekly Famitsu. BOX UP scored 20/40 (5/4/4/7).

Weekly Famitsu will also cover Ultra Street Fighter II, Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology, Hey! Pikmin, Ever Oasis, Layton’s Mystery Journey, The Snack World and Yokai Watch 3 tomorrow.

Pokémon GO will celebrate an ‘Adventure Week’ from 18–25 May with more Rock-type Pokémon, 50% off Poké Balls, four times as many Candies and more!

Dragon Quest XI: Sugisarishi Toki o Motomete will see a ‘Countdown Carnival’ livestream on both niconico and YouTube on 27 May.

● This is from Serebii: Sinnoh Cap Pikachu is now available in Japan (for Pokémon Sun Moon). Comes with Pikashunium Z. Runs until May 29th.

● The Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Perfect Guide Ultra will release in Japan on 2 June priced at ¥1,404.

● Konami Europe tweeted: “Heads up Super Bomberman R fans, there will be a small maintenance patch ( v1.3.1) tomorrow when you load the game. Don’t worry, v1.4 is still on its way!”

● Sega released Mega Drive, Saturn and Dreamcast LINE themes today priced at ¥360 each (link).

● Two 300 piece Monster Hunter XX jigsaws release on Thursday in Japan priced at ¥1,728 ($15) each courtesy of Ensky.

Sonic Forces will have a Custom Hero mode (sorry, no time for a separate post!) where you can create a custom hero from a Wolf, Rabbit, Cat, Dog, Bear, Bird or Hedgehog. Trailer here.

Poké Toru (Pokémon Shuffle) added a Primarina Level Up Battle, a Lycanroc Super Challenge and an Araquanid Super Challenge today.

● The CoroCoro website today uploaded (for a limited time apparently) 30 pages from the Splatoon comic.

● And finally: COMG! rankings for last week are low! Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is 40 pt and it looks like Attack on Titan flopped with just 15 pt. Pre-orders are Splatoon 2 with 350 pt and Dragon Quest XI with 239 pt.