Huge Wednesday Update with Neko Atsume coming to 3DS next week plus more news!

Neko Atsume was finally announced for Nintendo 3DS! Hit-Point will again publish the game next week (26 April) priced at ¥800. The smartphone version has achieved over 19 million downloads (in most likelihood that figure will have exceeded 20 million as it’s taken from an November 2016 4Gamer article).

The Game 15 (Culture Brain Excel’s 15 mini-game collection) and BOX UP from Cosen were also both announced for next week too with both priced at ¥300.

● Three more PC Engine games will release on the Wii U Virtual Console next week too with the strategy game Hisou Kihei X-Serd (¥617), the platformer Dragon Egg! (¥617) and the racer Moto Roader MC (¥823).

Pac-Man Collection and Pac-Man on Wii U and the Game Boy version of Pac-Man on 3DS will all be removed from the respective eShops on 28 April with no reason given.

Cardfight!! Vanguard: Ride to Victory!! and Cardfight!! Vanguard: Lock On Victory!! will also both be removed from the 3DS eShop next week (26 April).

Shounen Ashibe GO! GO! Goma-chan saw a 3DS theme (and game!) today plus there were new Fruits Basket and Fruits Basket Another themes.

Shinobi Refle: Senran Kagura details from Famitsu (via Gematsu!): it will be a download-only title and only features Asuka.

● The Monster Hunter XX × Detective Conan (Case Closed) collaboration has now begun!

● A Fate/EXTELLA LIMITED BOX containing the game, box and pouch was announced by Marvelous.

● Nintendo have announced that the Nintendo Switch will return to the My Nintendo Store this Friday (21 April).

● The Famitsu page for Dragon Quest XI: Sugisarishi Toki o Motomete has now removed 2017 and replaced with TBD.

● Keys Factory have announced a number of official Splatoon 2 themed accessories (Joy-Con Hard and Silicone Cover Collections, Quick Pouch Collection and the Front Cover Collection) for Nintendo Switch to release on 21 July.

● A Kirby × Yummy Mart lingerie collaboration with Kirby Mini One-Pi, Kirby Pyjamas, Kirby Bustier Set, Kirby Eye Mask, Kirby Rucksack and Kirby Panties (link).

Fire Emblem Heroes is having a Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia Japan Release Celebration Bonus (five Orbs) and Special Quests to get one or more of the three Pegasus Sisters.

● And that’s all for today other than Eurogamer reporting that a Super Famicom Mini/SNES Mini is coming this year. As always, I’ll wait for the official word!