Late Wednesday Update with Layton Twitter, 80 new Pokémon, Soldam on Switch, Switch survey and more!

Enough news today to warrant a second update. Remember to check out my main website ( where I post several posts a day with the latest Japanese 3DS, Switch and Mobile news.

Professor Layton is back in the news as he now has an official Twitter page (!

Pokémon GO will add more than 80 Pocket Monsters from Silver & Gold later this week with an update that also includes new evolutions, berries and wardrobe!

Soldam: Mu Kaika Sengen is the name of the new game from City Connection revealed in this morning’s update. It’s a sequel to an arcade (and Game Boy!) game releasing on the Switch eShop at launch for ¥1,500.

Monster Hunter XX × Grandpa Danger will see a collaboration event coming to Monster Hunter XX. Both Monster Hunter XX (demo) and Grandpa Danger (digital manga) saw releases on the 3DS eShop earlier today.

Fire Emblem Heroes finally added Ephraim, Eirika, Seliph and Julia to the game plus a Family Bonds Paralogue Map with three battles under the Story Maps until 27 February.

Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3 Professional sold 115,673 at retail in its first week (about 1/3 of the original). The next best selling games this week were Pokémon Sun Moon, Super Mario Maker, Yokai Watch 3: Sukiyaki and Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World.

Weekly Famitsu posted a Nintendo Switch developer survey today translated by Source Gaming ( with 24 game companies asked. I’ll post the excerpts SG posted below…

Are you developing any games for the Switch?

54% – Yes, we are developing for the Switch

25% – We are considering it

17% – We are not developing any games

4% – No response

Will you release a game on Switch at some point?

46% – Yes

46% – Under consideration

4% – Said they don’t think so right now

4% – No response

What are your thoughts on the Switch?

Surveyed opinions: The fact that they have a gimmicky controller instead of a standard one is very Nintendo-like | Being able to play home console level games on the go is like a dream machine | It’s next generation hardware that marries the portable and the home console, but whether that will translate to users is the biggest concern | There are unique functionalities like the HD Rumble and the IR camera, but I feel like the appeal of those functionalities isn’t being conveyed well to the consumer.

Do you think gamers are looking forward to the Switch?

50% – Yes

38% – I can’t say either way

8% – No

4% – No answer

How do you feel about the price?

67% – Just right

25% – It’s cheap

4% – It’s expensive

4% – No response

What are your thoughts on the paid online service?

41% – No problem with paid online

38% – Free would have been better

17% – Can’t say either way

4% – No response

What features or modes are you particularly interested in?

14 Votes – 3 modes of play

10 Votes – HD Rumble

9 Votes – Joy-Con

8 Votes – Being able to play local multiplayer with the Joy-Con

5 Votes – Motion IR Camera

4 Votes – The online service (including the mobile app)

2 Votes – Local Switch multiplayer

1 Vote – Screenshot function

1 Vote – No Response

What genres do you think are suited to the Switch?

18 Votes – RPG

18 Votes – Action

14 Votes – Simulation

14 Votes – Puzzle

14 Votes – Racing

11 Votes – Adventure

11 Votes – Quiz

10 Votes – Simulator

10 Votes – FPS/TPS

7 Votes – Shooting

1 Vote – No response

What does the Switch need more of?

34% – A full lineup

34% – A system seller

8% – Promotion

20% – Other

4% – No response