Small Weekend News Update with two Splatfests announced, Fushigi no Gensokyo TOD -RELOADED- confirmed, plus more news!

● The next Japanese Splatfest for Splatoon 2 was announced for next weekend with a Uniqlo collaboration of Warm Innerwear VS Warm Outerwear.

Fushigi no Gensokyo TOD -RELOADED- (Touhou Genso Wanderer) was confirmed for Switch and releases on the eShop on 21 December 2017.

One Piece Kaizoku Musou 3 Deluxe Edition is now available to pre-load priced at ¥6,264.

● Little Orbit announced that Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians will be “simultaneously releasing all platforms in Q4 2019”.

● Frozenbyte announced that Nine Parchments will release in Japan next week (7 December).

Pokémon Solar Eclipse・Lunar Eclipse Necrozma is once again the best-selling 3DS theme. Check out the full top 25 here.

Fire Emblem Heroes saw two Summoning Focuses entitled ‘Enduring Love’ featuring Rhajat, Faye, Priscilla, Tharja, Dorcas, Catria, Katarina and Sigurd.

Miitomo saw new Snowflake Clothes added to Miitomo Shop (pictured here) and the Cyberpunk Fashion stages return to Miitomo Drop (pictured here).

● The next European Splatfest for Splatoon 2 was announced for next weekend too with the pictured Film VS Book theme.

● Arcade Distillery will publish the strategy RPG Plague Road on the North American Switch eShop next week (7 December).

● The puzzle adventure Black The Fall also releases next week. Launch trailer here.

● At the Net Buzzword Awards 2017 in Japan, Nintendo Switch won the Gold Prize!

● The latest official Nintendo LINE account update from Kinopio-kun pictured here.

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