Thursday Update with Imagineer developing a Switch game, Japanese Switch game being crowdfunded and more!

Imagineer Co., Ltd. have confirmed that they are developing a Nintendo Switch game for release in the next fiscal year and which may or may not be a Medabots game (they do own the franchise so it’s the most logical choice!).

Nintendo Co., Ltd. have apologised for domestic Nintendo Switch stock shortages and that they will increase shipments in July and August (including the Splatoon 2 bundle), and work on further strengthening their production system from the Fall.

● The Campfire for Nyoki Nyoki Uchu Seifuku Hen (from the Puyo Puyo creator) on Nintendo Switch has begun and is looking for ¥10m ($90k) in 77 days. Rewards include a packaged version of the game, a box of Nyokiman and a Dominion MSX 2 rom!

● Hamster will release the Data East puzzle game ACA NEOGEO Magical Drop II on the Nintendo Switch eShop next week (29 June) priced at ¥823.

● Chorus Worldwide will also be publishing De Mambo on the Nintendo Switch eShop on the same day and priced at ¥1,500.

● In news that shouldn’t come as any surprise, Square-Enix have filed for a trademark application for Lost Sphear.

● Nendoroid Ice Kirby has been announced and Nendoroid Kirby will be re-released in December 2017. Pre-order them here and here!

● Today’s content update to Fire Emblem Heroes saw Grand Hero Michalis: Ambitious King awaiting your challenge in Special Maps!

● A thirty second video for the upcoming Nintendo Switch puzzle game PHOTON³ that also releases next week here.

● This week’s episode of the comedy duo Yoiko playing Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition here.

● The Splatoon 2 Salmon Run Mode and the ARMS Sugo Ude Tournament Finals at World Hobby Fair ’17 this weekend will be shown online.

● Pre-orders for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 for Nintendo Switch have opened up. Unfortunately it will be 1600 x 900 in TV mode and 1280x720 in other modes and whilst 1 on 1 battles will be 60fps, everything else will be 30fps.

● And that’s all I have! Out today in Japan are Majora’s Mask, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword Link amiibo, The Alliance Alive on 3DS, and Fatal Fury 2, Oceanhorn and Touch Battle Tank SP on Switch!