Thursday Update with the final ever badges on 3DS, HORI fighter stick plus more news!

● The lead image is from FaceApp! Collectible Badge Center will no longer be updated. Today’s final post features Badge Center and pixellated Pokémon badges. There will be free plays daily for as long as Nintendo keep the servers online. Look out for the full post over the weekend where we’ll translate Baito’s loooong final speech!

Nintendo Switch sold out in six — seven minutes on the My Nintendo Store earlier today. The next shipment due on 01 June.

● HORI will be releasing a Real Arcade Pro.V HAYABUSA for Nintendo Switch fighter stick and a HORI Pad for Nintendo Switch on 31 July.

Ridge Racer 3D will be made available on the Japanese 3DS eShop for the first time on 1 June priced at ¥2,721 and then ¥3,024 from 28 June.

Game Freak are hiring for a programmer for a Nintendo 3DS RPG. Thanks to DKHF.

● An interview with the Capcom President Haruhiro Tsujimoto who is impressed with Nintendo Switch but will re-evaluate his support for the platform after the release of Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers (which is now available btw).

● And a Source Gaming interview with DotEmu CEO Cyrille Imbert saying he’d like to work on Nintendo IP’s but doesn’t give it too much thought, the Switch is easy to develop for and they were approached when it was the NX.

Cosen will be holding a sale on the 3DS eShop next week with eight games discounted. Go here to see all the current and planned sales.

● A set of cute Pikachu’s Lively Voiced Stickers ♪ are now available on the LINE app. Go here to see them all.

● A Fire Emblem Heroes update is coming in June. Maintenance is planned for three hours on 29/30 May (check app for local times).

Miitomo added some new Daily Decorations today with seven new wallpapers and three new floorings. Go here to see them all.

● The Mr. Shifty Japanese trailer here (the game is now available in on the Japanese eShop).

● And finally, a bunch of Monster Hunter XX basic introduction and game strategy videos here.