Tuesday Update with Link turns 31, VOEZ announced for Switch, Band Brothers ending, NCL jobs fair and more!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild saw an exclusive TV commercial earlier today (https://youtu.be/mpwQtMDDUfM) to celebrate the 31st anniversary of the original FDS game! The website was also updated yesterday with new character art and information translated at the bottom of the page by pixelpushing from Reddit.

VOEZ was today announced for Nintendo Switch. Flyhigh Works will publish with the original rhythm game available on smartphones courtesy of Rayark Games. Expect the first scans and full details tomorrow!

Daigasso! Band Brothers P (and the free ‘Debut’ version) will cease accepting music submissions from 21 March which means there will be no new content in the game. Other online services will continue. Nintendo are holding an election for players’ favourite songs in the game with the top five delivered free at a later date!

Pokémon Sun Moon news from yesterday and copy and pasted from Serebii (http://serebii.net): A new event has been announced for Japan to tie in with a new line of merchandise. This event is a special Easter Egg event where, from March 18th to April 9th, you can receive one of six eggs at random containing Turtonator, Passimian, Oranguru, Goomy, Drampa or Mareanie.

Weekly Famitsu tomorrow will include huge The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Nintendo Switch features. Expect scans on the frontpage from around 15:00 GMT.

Nintendo Dream April issue is out today and includes a Monster Hunter XX cover and free The Legend of Zelda posters as well as Fire Emblem Heroes and Nintendo Switch features.

Nintendo Co., Ltd. are recruiting again and will hold job fairs on 25 and 30 March 2018 (Science and Technology only) and on 22 and 26 April 2018 (all occupations). Pre-entry and reservation is essential with pre-entries open from 1 March. Go to https://www.nintendo.co.jp/jobs/recruit/conference/ for full details, venues, times and the inquiry form.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

A disaster occurred and the Kingdom of Hyrule was destroyed… 100 years later the hero Link awakens from a long slumber in underground ruins, led by a mysterious voice he steps into the world.


A young man who wakes up without any memories. Guided by a mysterious voice, he is cast into a journey across the vast Hyrule.


Princess of the Hyrule Kingdom. A complex girl who is wise, curious and gentle. Researches the ancient ruins scattered around the world.


A Goron who lives in Hyrule. One of the fiercest warriors among the Goron tribes, he is always calm. Once he enters battle he has a brave and brutal side, shouting powerfully as he knocks down enemies.


Lito who lives in Hyrule. He is wrapped in the same blue cloth as Daruk and Mipha…


Zora who lives in Hyrule. Has an introvert personality and doesn’t speak much. She has special powers not found in other Zora.


Relics that people are said to have created a long time ago. A major disaster caused them to suddenly attack people and 100 years later they still continue.


A type of demon living in Hyrule. They make living by making hides with multiple animals. It is pretty as a bee begins. Find them on the move and they will attack.