Tuesday Update with Miiverse service to end on 8th November 2017 along with Nintendo TVii and Wii U Chat!

● Apologies for the late update. The Miiverse service will be terminated from 8 November at 15:00 JST (07 November in North America) along with both Nintendo TVii and Wii U Chat.

● Tasukete Tako-San: Save me Mr Tako! (now as Save me Mr Tako: Tasukete Tako-San) will no longer release on Wii U and will instead come to the Nintendo Switch eShop in late 2017 courtesy of Nicalis.

● Nintendo are sending out a ¥500 off coupon to the first 20,000 people that buy a game from the Switch eShop with PayPal for ¥3,000 or more (PayPal is region locked on Switch however).

● To everyone in Japan wanting a Switch for Super Mario Odyssey: the My Nintendo Store will be shipping from 17–22 October with orders open again from 31 August at noon (JST).

● The top 3 ARMS winning percentages from the top 3% of players are Max Brass, DNA Man (Helix) and Byte & Barq. GIF here.

● New software discount rewards added to My Nintendo today included Fire Emblem if, Super Mario 64DS, Pokémon Ranger and more. Go here for the full list.

Miitomo today added the three ‘Anchors aweigh! The World of the Sea’ Miitomo Drop stages again with Diving Suit, Seaweed Set and more.

● And Fire Emblem Heroes today saw the Grand Hero Battle with Narcian: Wyvern General return for the third time.

● There’s also a Fire Emblem Heroes LINE theme now available priced at 150 LINE coins or equivalent in local currency.

● And finally, a Gardevoir/Sirnight battle introduction trailer from Pokkén Tournament DX here. Thanks for following!