Weekly News Update with all the week’s Japanese 3DS, Wii U, Mobile and Switch news!

Nintendo 3DS news

Kaizoku Pop (Pirate Pop Plus) is coming to the 3DS eShop next week for ¥500 with Go! Go! Kokopolo 3D -Space Recipe For Disaster- expected soon after. JP 3DS owners also received a Monster Hunter XX Special Trial Version.

Wii U news

● Finally some Wii U news as Kaizoku Pop was also announced for Wii U again priced at ¥500 and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass is also coming to Wii U (as well as Switch) priced at ¥2,500.

Mobile news

● A huge update to Pokémon GO added over 80 Pokémon from the Johto region. The Pokémon Company also announced Hanero! Koiking (Splash! Magikarp) for mobile for Spring developed by Select Button inc.

Nintendo Switch news

● The first JP Switch game in a month Soldam: Mu Kaika Sengen was announced for launch by City Connection priced at ¥1,500. The game originally released in the arcades way back in 1992 and is also on Game Boy.

Other news

● The Nintendo Switch in the wild was recaptured by Nintendo (it was originally stolen!), Professor Layton finally has his own Twitter profile (@lonelylayton) and Kinopio-kun plushies are now available in Japan (I have mine!).