Weekly News Update with all the week’s Japanese Switch, 3DS, Wii U and Mobile news!

● The ARMS Global Testpunch has finished for this weekend and was an overall success for Nintendo!

● Capcom announced Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Ver. for 25 August with a bundle too!

Nintendo Co., Ltd. shares closed the week at 33,510.00 — their highest since 30 December 2008!

Magikarp Jump released on mobiles worldwide and soon jumped to the top of the Free iOS Charts.

Dragon Quest X: All In One Package will release for Switch on 21 September with a 20 day pass.

● Mages today announced ANONYMOUS;CODE for Switch. No release date as of yet but I expect 2017.

● The main artwork from Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle leaked with the game 99.9+% likely!

● Akihiro Hino confirmed that Level-5 is developing for Switch and that there will be a Yokai Watch 4.

● Level-5 will also release Yokai Watch 3 Sushi and Tempura as budget re-releases for 3DS on 20 July.

Collectible Badge Center updated for the final ever time on 3DS. Look out for my huge post shortly!

● Nightmare Project and Sunset are working on a first person adventure My Little Red for Switch.

● And that’s all the main news for another week. Thank you all for your support and have a great week!