People used to flock to me. Birds used to flock to me.

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Credits: Jayita Indukumar/Graphique

I used to be the talk of the colony. My memory betrays me, for I don’t remember who or how I used to be when I was much younger, when I had barely sprouted a few leaves. But I do remember from the times when I had just grown tall and strong, plentifully branched. In a colony full of neem, tamarind and palm trees, I was the only mango tree.

The earliest memories I have are from when I was planted as a half-grown tree in an upcoming residential location, a mere 15 minutes from the city centre (or so…

“Shoot for the moon.”

‘The higher the better’ is probably a phrase most of us have heard very often growing up, from what seems like everyone around us. People seem exceedingly fixated on being the best, the superlative; so much so that anything else would be deemed unworthy. ‘Dream big’, ‘never settle’, ‘push yourself beyond your limits’ are statements one hears every day, perhaps a little too often.

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Quite literally what the poster says.

Don’t get me wrong; I am not here to tell you that these claims are unfounded, or erroneous; they’re solid pieces of advice, especially to the aspirant, the hopeful, and the determined…

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An average moviegoer usually tends to have multiple complaints. “The dude in front of me had a huge afro!”, they may exclaim; “For god’s sake, he loves you, you idiot!”, they may scream rather inconsequentially at the lead of the movie; “The actors couldn’t portray the emotions the way the director visualized”, they may critique in disdain.

However, one complaint that a lot of them, and a lot of us to be quite honest, have is that movies have been getting shorter recently. We’ve all been there. These allegations aren’t baseless, movies have been reducing in length, and rightfully so…

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Frolicking amongst the rolling hills,
Sprinting in the sweeping meadows,
Weaving in with the flowers, surrendered;
Relinquishing to the grass, naïve,
Swinging on trees, singing, enchanted;
Absorbing it in all,
In all its serendipity.

How would it be
To be the master of your own fate;
To find happiness,
Joy in those around, ecstasy within;
To contemplate, to assimilate
With nothing but the wind and the winged
For company; questioned by none,
To live for yourself, unbound.

Yet we pain, we wail, For we wish, but never submit Yet succumb we do, To others, To life as they have…

Sunil Jagatheesan

I just wanna ride in the sky in a blue Cadillac 🌠

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