Converting Playlists from ->

Yes, sadly’s days are numbered, and if you’re like me, you have thousands of songs in many different playlists. Luckily there is a way to save -all- of them!

Note, is up for now, this process should work to get your tracks out of plug.

Getting your playlists from

First, go here to get the bookmarklet on

And thats it! Now you have a zip file of all music. Because is limited to 200 songs per playlist, you may have many of them. Unzip the file, which will give you a bunch of .pdj files, essentially JSON encoded text files.

You’ll notice that if you used ‘/’ in the playlist title, they will show as folders. You should find the playlist inside them.

Importing your tracks to

The import process is similar to the export process. First, get the bookmarklet to the importer:

Once you have the bookmarklet, you can follow these instructions

Now, go back to the folder in which you unziped the playlists, and open one of the .pdj files up. Depending on your operating system, you may need to open up notepad or wordpad first, and find the file.

Simply highlight everything and click copy, and go over the to popup on dubtrack and paste the text in. Make sure to give it a name (in this case I’m copying over Trance 3), and click import!

You should see an ‘importing XXX/YYY’ on the top of site and then a new playlist in your playlists!

And thats it! Rinse and repeat. And make sure you do it before Monday, or else you may lose your playlists!

❤ Moodance