How CleverTap Changed My Startup

When my team began working on an app around a year ago, we would never have predicted the powerful effect CleverTap would have on how we operate. A little later than we should have, after our initial release, we began to focus on the user’s thoughts and feelings. We began searching for a way to better understand what and how users were using our features, and try to tease out which of our assumptions had been wrong. Interviews, link tracking and Facebook Ad Metrics all offered basic information, but we lacked the type of systemic tracking that allows for strong insight.
 That was when I remembered a company I’d followed, called WizRocket. Today it’s called CleverTap. It instantly answered all our hopes, and we were able to use it to help answer our most pressing questions. Who are our core customers? What are the actions/experiences that precede user-engagement? What does somebody experience before they uninstall? These questions strike any experienced entrepreneur as basic, but for a set of college students, the path the answering them represented a fundamental shift. CleverTap answered them easily. With incredible control over our variables these questions and the ability to explore them gave our organization new life. Our predictive power rapidly increased and so did our ability to deliver value to our users. 
 Using their funnel system, we focused on our onboarding process, dividing it into a series of micro-events from start to finish. We were able to pinpoint the exact points of drop-off, the precise sign-up fields that were high yield, the UX pain points and every other single event we choose to define as significant. It remains the closest we’ve gotten to being in the room with a user. 
 We’ve since shifted to using CleverTap for tracking company goals, substantiating hypotheses, delivering powerful automated engagement and even running public contests and giveaways. It’s become a core part of our operational process. It’s simultaneously our office detective, analyst and teacher. For any entrepreneur out there, CleverTap is a must. Whether you stumble upon it or this write-up when you’re a fresh-faced dreamer or a multi-exit veteran, you will be satisfied. Any question you need answered can be answered with CleverTap. If you can’t figure out how, send a help ticket — they always find a way to help me use their product to solve my problem. CleverTap is amazing, try it. ­­­­­­­­