Unfortunately we’re all daughters of a nation that only wants fearless daughters in homes outside…
Saloni Chopra ☮

Great writing, Salon. I agree strongly with what you have written here.

I do want to add a thought or two, from the point of view of a man that deeply wants change.

First is that equal rights implies equal responsibilities. And what I’m thinking about is women being responsible for their own sexually (as if men were wholly responsible for their’s, they are not! Men need to do better, much better). I see the responsible​ thing is exercising our own agency when it comes to our sexually. Posting beautiful and sexy images of yourself​ maybe, not my business, but your right.

Secondly, going beyond the traditional female role of waiting for a male to approach could be the responsible thing. Of course, not all men want women to do that and the men that do, can do little.

Your thoughts?

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