all those years later — so feel free to clarify, J Apple Muncy. Was I naive and still wet around the ears?
Isn’t that a bit… ageist?
Kitty Hannah Eden

Hi Kitty Hannah Eden. I will try to be civil since you also seem to be trying to be civil.

Have you considered what the effect of removing yourself from your same age cohort of possible partners has on the selection process? Especially since gendered roles of courtship required men to initiate relationships? The greater number of men seeking the attention of fewer number of women? Well excluding gay and asexual people from the discussion.

Please ,just don’t make the assertion that I’m claiming males have the rights to female bodies.

The point I’m trying to make is that when the 19 year old men that might want to be with you, see you going with someone 28…

Well, what should they feel?

I’m thinking when they get to be 28 they will have a fair amount of resentment stored up. They are going to say to hell with women thier own age and go after women young than themselves. I believe you women that are 28 aren’t going to like it one bit that men go after younger women.

I don’t see a solution to this unless older women are interested in having relationships with younger men.

What do you think?