On the topic of Social Justice Warriors and Keyboard debaters…
Sarah Kangas

No, I have not seen the Heineken ad yet. And just so you know, I’m the old white dude that likes cheap bear or vodka mixed with fruit juice. Did I say cheap? “ A hardworking millennial with an interest in wine, yoga, and cats. I get drunk and type words. If you make fun of my grammar, I’ll fail better next time.” Great words there. I’m liking cats too.

Aren’t they supposed to be the professionals at this? Aren’t they the ones who are elected to decide what is best for the American people? Clearly, our democracy does not have our best interest in mind.

Yes, indeed they are suppose to be the professionals but perhaps we do not see what an incredibly hard and complicated job it is? But no sympathy do I have for T, nor us for that matter. We got the government we deserve.

Great writing, by the way : ) and civility is a good thing : ) keep that up too.

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