I am far from achieving my ultimate goal, which is to be a millionaire by time I’m 27. I am 22 right now, which leaves me with 5 years to make it happen.

When I say I am far, I mean I am super duper far. However, I have the persistence and the plan to get there. With all that being said, I have dips in my motivation like everyone else.

So, I read these 20 maxims daily, or when needed, to keep my head high and in the fast lane to achieve the success I need to achieve.

20 Maxims to Live By

  1. Knowledge isn’t power, the implementation of knowledge is power.
  2. You have to have macro patience, but micro hustle.
  3. Working smart is extremely important, but you still have to work hard.
  4. Focus on leaving a great legacy.
  5. Stop fearing criticism. People will think. what they want to think anyways.
  6. It’s better to be wealthy than rich.
  7. If you think you can afford it, you can’t. Truly affordable things don’t have to be thought about.
  8. Wealth is a process, not an event.
  9. You have to be willing to eat shit for 18 month, to eat caviar for the rest of your life.
  10. The goal of life is to leave the world a bit better than when you came into it.
  11. You are responsible for where you are in life.
  12. Foster good relationships.
  13. Always be networking.
  14. Your health is the most important asset you can have.
  15. Stop always giving a fuck.
  16. You can’t solve a problem with the same mindset that created it.
  17. Don’t waste time stressing over a problem, it is just taking away time that you can be working on the solution.
  18. Focus on your strengths, but be aware of your weaknesses.
  19. You’re a prize to be won.
  20. People only part ways with there money if it brings them value.